We offer, the Platinum Fitness Trio to all of our clients! The PF Trio includes the three most important focuses when thinking of being the healthiest possible.

          The first piece of our trio is our focus on your workouts. When you workout, your muscles and bodily tissues become damaged, to in turn, super compensate and become healthier then before your workout. A certified specialist will instruct each workout. Our number one focus is injury prevention. By carefully selecting exercises we are able to adapt each muscle to have Speed, Power, Strength, Growth, Endurance, Coordination, and Mobility.

          The second part of our Trio is needed for the first part to be fully effective. The last thing you would want to do is put your all in at the gym and not get the most out of it.

          This includes your nutrition. You literally are what you eat! Each nutrient, good or bad that you put into your body will be what your cells are made of. If your cells are not produced by the healthiest nutrients you will not perform at your best in day-to-day life. After your body goes through physical or mental exhaustion it will be looking for nutrients that are used to repair bodily trauma due to stress. We will help you make long lasting changes in your eating habits to accomplish your goals.

          The first two segments of our trio will not be as sufficient until the third element is added. Working out and eating healthy is too hard not to get the most out of them.

          The third element is stress reduction. This allows your body to heal quickly and efficiently. Both physical and mental stress cause damage to cells in your body that eventually need to be repaired. The more damage you accumulate without healing entirely, can take a negative toll of your body's proper functions. This healing process happens when we sleep. While we sleep, all the nutrients we consume throughout the day are used to repair all the stress we do to our mind & body during our daily routine. The full process takes about 7-9 hours depending on how much damage needs to be repaired and how healthy the nutrients trying to ease the damage are. We incorporate stress less classes to conquer life! These classes will direct you through innovative approaches to beat the challenges of life with a clear mind.


          When all aspects of our trio come full circle you will create your own success! We will give you all the tools to conquer life and guide you every step of the way.