Physiological Development

Football Personal Training


Speed is the capability to contract a muscle at the highest velocity possible. 

Developing individual muscles to contract extremely quickly takes consistently performing specific workouts. Platinum Fitness uses the industries most innovative techniques to increase muscle speed.

Football Personal Training


The ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible, as in accelerating, jumping, and throwing implements. Power is proportional to the speed at which you can apply this maximal force.

Being able to put maximum force into the ground or an object is important when your activity requires high velocity movements. Platinum Fitness uses data backed by the worlds leading researchers to best increase power output.

Football Personal Taining


Strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load. Power and strength have an inverse relationship.

Being able to control the body during strenuous tasks will become easier as strength increases. 

Running Personal Training


The cardiovascular system delivers oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other important substances to cells and organs in the body.

The better endured you are the faster you will recover when your body is fatigued. Cardiovascular health is a must for longevity. 

Look Good Personal Training


After certain exercises your body repairs damaged muscle through a cellular process. These repaired muscles increase in thickness to create muscle growth.

Promoting muscle growth will ensure you become stronger and preserve muscle mass. Platinum Fitness uses the most innovative research to expedite results.

Hockey Personal Training


The ability to control and organize our own body to enable it to work correctly and create movement conducted by the Central Nervous System. 

Once you stop consistently challenging themselves with difficult physical tasks from sports to balancing on one leg you start to lose the ability to control your body in space. The same thing is true with cognitive tasks, either you use it or you lose it. Platinum Fitness incorporates both the mind and body connection to ensure both are performing exceptionally. 

Yoga Personal Training


Mobility contributes to movement with full range of motion, including restricted muscle tissue, joints, the joint capsules, motor control, and your soft tissue.

Due to humans evolved lifestyle of sitting most of the day and being less active our bodies have simply become restricted. Platinum Fitness uses brand new techniques, approved by Physical Therapists, that will counter balance these obstacles most efficiently and effectively .